Team Lead of Research

Key PointsDetails
Company Name Dattel
Position Title Team Lead of Research
Division Research, Analytics and Processing
Unit Research
Position Type Permanent
Position Level Senior/Assistant Manager

Job Description

As a team lead of research, you will manage the team to ensure the consumer data products are running smoothly, as well as evaluate, improve the process, and communicate output. The process is including project planning, research design, project sampling and collection, quality control, consumer analytics, and reporting. You will collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, data scientist and business users to work on wide range of consumer researches and thus instill analytical rigor and meaningful insights to the solution.

Duties and Responsibilities

As part of research unit,

  • Work with team of researchers and data integration specialist to deliver tangible consumer data protocol and insight in both qualitative and quantitative projects
  • Lead in developing research framework and study design
  • Manage multiple projects execution and maintain high consumers data quality
  • Evaluate and improve research process, as well as communicate the research outputs
  • Prepare project proposal and research design (including sampling, weighting, and research materials such as questionnaire, translation, guidelines, etc.)
  • Manage project execution, including conduction of briefing, in-depth interviews, focus groups, ethnography, workshops, fieldwork monitoring and desk research
  • Collaborate with analytics unit to propose and setup analysis frameworks
  • Building reports to communicate research ideas or results to diverse audience. Collaboration with engineering team is required from time to time
  • Explore and expand new consumer data source and enhance data collection procedures
  • Lead, support or provide consultancy in special projects whenever assigned, such as new product development, business process improvement, etc.
  • Provide coaching, training and guidance to senior and junior analysts and internal stakeholders
  • Prepare, execute, follow up education and training
  • Perform such other duties as are customarily associated with such position and as the CEO, the Directors, or its authorized representative may be required from time to time

Qualifications Requirements

Working Experience

  • 6-10 years of experience. Proven track record with multiple projects and managing research team with industry experience in fields


  • Bachelor degree required. Preferably applied statistics, sociology, strategic marketing, psychology or economy
  • Fluency in at least one analysis tool such as R, Julia, SPSS, SAS, Scala, Excel, etc.Substantial quantitative research knowledge
  • Willingness to travel for projects when required
  • Ability to execute research projects and initiate outputs with minimal guidance
  • Project management skills, including task distribution, time and cost management and flexibility to handle multiple projects simultaneously
  • Display strong communication and interpersonal skills, curiosity and creativity; and can work well in a team environment
  • Analytical mind, trustworthy, pay attention to detail and able to deliver result in accordance to timeline
  • Problem solving skills and experience with open ended projects
  • A proven track record of delivering superior research projects and a strong aptitude for experience with project quality management, particularly on domain of social politics and economics, marketing and retail, property or market research
  • Ability to conduct qualitative research, such as focus groups would be an added advantage
  • Language requirement: Business English

Working Condition

Regular working hour (10am – 7pm). Respond to reasonable requests for additional hours as and when it is required in performing the responsibilities.

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