Founded in 2013, Dattel was created with the intention to fundamentally change the way data is collected, analysed and utilised across South East Asia.

Our promise to all stakeholders; we maximise the possibility of success and minimise the probability of failure.
— Azmir Rahman, Founder

For many decades, the methodologies in market research remained the same although the consumer landscape has changed drastically. For instance, the socio-economic classification based on occupation and education alone is no longer sufficient to understand the current consumer market segments that are fragmented and demand-driven. Moreover, the veracity of the data that feeds these researches remains questionable.

However, we in Dattel would like to re-innovate this. We would like to disrupt the way consumers are being studied by upholding the integrity of the research methodologies to provide accurate and holistic understanding of consumers through a data-driven industry – Consumer Intelligence.


Core Values

These guiding principles dictate our behavior and help us understand the difference between right and wrong. These values also help us to determine if we are spearheading Consumer Intelligence through best possible practices and fulfilling our goals by creating an unwavering guide.


At Dattel, our employees are the centre of everything we do. We give importance on hiring the best talent to do their very best work.


We are passionate, intellectually curious group of people that are excited about our platform and the solutions that we deliver to our customers.


Embracing diversity

Having colleagues from diverse background and cultures mean we have a selection of different skills, experiences and ideas that drives innovation within our workplace.


continuous development

In a constantly evolving industry, we ensure our colleagues are well equipped with the latest knowledge and tools that are necessary to develop relevant solutions for our customers.


Conducive Work Culture

While we are result-oriented, we advocate a fun & flexible work culture because we believe the best ideas are usually harnessed when our colleagues are satisfied and stress-free.