Media Prima Digital Recommended Assets Leveraging to Face the COVID-19 Pandemic

Businesses can harness the aspect of leveraging assets to ensure business sustainability.

As the world is facing the repercussions of the COVID-19 spread, plenty of businesses are struggling to survive the pandemic. Business operations have not been able to carry on as usual, and some couldn’t even sustain and have to succumb to closure as the light at the end of the tunnel can no longer be seen. Businesses alike are looking for ways to ensure the business can continue to run, though there needs creativity to bloom during these times. For Media Prima Digital, this is the time for them to spearhead their digital expertise.

Media Prima Group
Media Prima Group

Media Prima is a multi-platform media company encompasses of 4 TV stations, 4 radio stations and having the most extensive outdoor out-of-home media though BIGTREE in Malaysia. They have a combined audience of 15.5 million in Malaysia alone and is currently number 3 most visited platform on the internet. Media Prima Digital is an arm of digital of the group, and they shared what they have been doing in during the Movement Control Order.

In the first 3 months of the MCO ordered by the authorities, the media content consumption online has recorded a significant hike. One of its Over-The-Top streaming platforms, Tonton recorded a growth of approximately more than 200%. It is noted that the digital front has seen a vast increase during MCO, compared to the pre-MCO. However, it is essential to note that the digital ecosystem is still in the state of following the trends. Hence, the trends that we know now might observe a possible radical change too.

These strategies adopted were shared by the Group General Manager of Media Prima Digital, Nicholas Sagau Tony Ngimat, or fondly known as Nick by his colleagues. He also mentioned during the webinar that a lot of the effort was shifted into producing more digital content to increase engagement, given the fact that during the MCO everyone was cooped up at home and will consume content from their devices, especially mobile devices.

Companies need to have the ability to identify and react quickly to the happenings of the business landscape is extremely crucial to stay afloat as businesses face challenges differently.

Nicholas Sagau Tony Ngimat
Group General Manager, Media Prima Digital

MPD categorised themselves to have substantial assets, mainly their digital platform, ads spaces and also talent pool. Nick also shared that during the pandemic’s spread, they are several efforts and initiative that they have created, and they proved to be putting MPD to be successful.

Initiatives and Efforts Adapted by Media Prima Digital during MCO
Initiatives and Efforts Adapted by Media Prima Digital during MCO.

Before ending the session, Nick reminded the audience that there is a need for the workforce to be agile in adapting to challenges and having excellent leadership. To succeed in every role that they are doing, consideration to inculcate micro KPIs to ascertain, everyone works towards the same bigger goal is a must. And finally, consistent communication is highly essential with partners and clients to foster a good business relationship.

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