Voyager gives small and large businesses the means to access the latest ASEAN consumer insights across industries,anchored by our Holistic Consumer approach.

Comprehensive datasets on ASEAN consumers covering 10 consumer verticals

  • Consumer segmentation by demographics, consumption behaviour, or consumer values to gain multiple perspectives

  • Algorithms to convert market segment data into online audience segments


  • Profile consumer segments – get a comprehensive report of demographics, lifestyle behaviour, media, shopping, and brand preferences as well as their personal values.
  • Convert consumer segments into audience segments for improved online targeting and advertising.


  • Customer 5A Journey and Advocacy Index benchmarks the conversion performance of your brand against the industry and other brands.
  • Strategise your marketing to improve consumer response at different stages of the journey.


  • The perfect starting point for consumer insight novices to begin their data-driven journey towards understanding the market.
  • Smart Narrative function guides the user on the basics of reading and interpreting the charts.


  • A multi-dimensional workspace for data enthusiasts
  • Discover unique insights into consumer behaviour to build marketing strategies with an edge.