Reimagining ASEAN Consumers – Report #1

This report is part of a series to uncover ‘hidden truths’ about the ASEAN consumer. Dattel’s approach to consumer data and consumer intelligence emerged from observations on consumer behaviour and conventional market research methods. In this 1st report, Dattel identifies broad trends by analysing incidences of purchase or usage across the three ASEAN countries in three fast-moving verticals.

Some of the key findings this this report is that Dattel has identified 8 distinct types or clusters of grocery shopping behaviour exist in each country, whereby in Indonesia and Malaysia, some types of grocery stores are distinctly more popular than others, but in the case of Thailand, the consumer are more evenly diversified.

Clusters of grocery shopping behavior in each country

When it comes to personal care products like personal hygiene, facial skincare and hairstyling, the largest group of Indonesian and Thai consumers used only personal hygiene products in the past six months, where else the largest group of Malaysian consumers used facial skincare as well, suggesting higher purchasing power.

Comparison of personal care usage behavior in three countries

Interestingly, one of the behaviours that is common among the consumers in all 3 countries is that most of the urban consumers still watches television at least once a week even though video streaming has grown popular and it is the 2nd most commonly consumed medium.

This report that focuses on consumption incidence without any demographic labels or socio-economic classification gives different a perspective on consumer research that instigates us to emphasise on the more human aspects of consumer behaviour such as motivation and irrationality. In the next phase of data collection, Dattel will roll out a curated Consumer Panel – first in these countries, and eventually expanding to the rest of ASEAN. If you are keen to get a copy of this report and know more about Dattel’s future publications on ASEAN consumers, submit your request at the following link.