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  • Product & media usage
  • Shopping habits
  • Leisure time
  • Brand preference

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Consumer-Driven & Behaviour First Approach

Businesses need to map consumers’ touch points across their purchase journey in order to understand their customers comprehensively. However, mapping of consumer journey is only effective when we identify the correct persona of our customers. In fact, customer personas are one of the essential building blocks of personalized marketing.

Faced with the challenge of converging industries, marketers who are seeking new growth opportunities need to place consumers at the heart of everything they do. The data-backed depictions of your buyers should deliver an overall blueprint of who they are. Like it or not, conventional methods to profile consumers must give way to a data-driven approach.


Holistic & Data-Driven Consumer Personas

At the forefront of Consumer Intelligence in the ASEAN region, Dattel have explored the art of building data-driven customer persona in this ever zealously emergent arena of business.







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