Unlocking the Hidden Truth of Consumers

In a nutshell, Consumer Intelligence (CI) involves the process of gathering relevant and comprehensive consumer information from varied sources such as on the ground data collection, marketing surveys, social media, point of sale terminals, telematics and customer service centres.

This intelligence reveals to data users not just Who, What, When and Where, but Why. It’s the knowledge of why consumers behave as they do that allows companies to adapt to meet their demands.

Good consumer intelligence not only informs, it guides and advises leaders as they make real-world business decisions. The result is a holistic picture of consumers that’s more about people than pie charts.

Consumer intelligence is also crucially about data being studied and scrutinized at the speed of business — to drive better business decisions and measurable results.

Why Is It Important?

Today, with the increased access to information and high awareness levels, the balance of power has shifted from companies to their consumers. Consumers are supremely well informed and far more likely to investigate the real value of products than to rely on logos.

Moreover, consumers have blurred the line between online and offline interactions. They expect a seamless experience no matter how they choose to connect. Businesses need to be able to tie together every interaction, from mobile to web to in-store.

In this era, companies must move beyond traditional market research. Their challenge is to harness intelligence about their consumers more quickly and comprehensively. By understanding empowered consumers, a company can make effective and intelligent business decisions.

Our Approach

Dattel’s unique methodology in garnering consumer intelligence through real-time offline data is growing rapidly, especially in its ASEAN footprint.

  • Consumer Dimension
  • Data Typology
  • Consumer Journey
  • Interaction Channel

Mainly, Dattel does it by converging consumer journeys and interaction channels across industries and mapping it over an innovative consumer dimension-typology matrix that enables a holistic understanding of consumers’ needs, wants and behaviours.


The era of customer empowerment demands new tools to learn what customers want. Some older methods, like the ad-hoc survey, are no longer useful, while others, like CRM, Big Data and social media analytics, are valuable only when leveraged in the context of converged data.

To improve the product-customer lifecycle, companies need to elevate the role of market research, infusing customer intelligence into all levels of the organization. The most forward-thinking companies have embraced customer-centricity, committed to knowing their customers and understanding their motivations.

With Dattel’s revolutionary consumer data console, you’ll finally have the insight you need to drive your strategic decision making and gain the following benefits:

  • Develop organisational strategies
  • Attract & engage prospects
  • Improve customer retention
  • Strengthen customer bonds
  • Improve ROI & profitability
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