What Personal Care Products Have Urban ASEANs Used in the Past 6 Months?

In order to eliminate gender bias from the analysis, we restricted our focus to gender-neutral personal care product categories only: personal hygiene (i.e., bath & body, hair care and oral & dental), facial skincare and hairstyling.

The largest Indonesian and Thai consumer clusters share the same usage behaviour: they used only personal hygiene products in the past six months.

The largest Malaysian cluster used personal hygiene as well as facial skincare products, suggesting greater purchasing power.

Below is a comparison of the largest personal care usage behavior clusters between the three countries.

Comparison of personal care usage behavior in three countries.

These findings on personal care products are excerpt of Dattel’s report to uncover ‘hidden truths’ about the ASEAN consumers. If you are interested to know more about ASEAN consumers, click here to request for a digital copy of the report.