Why Behaviour Archetypes should be the weapon of choice of today’s Marketeers

According to Kotler, studying consumer behaviour is a task that every year has a  large  influence  in  the  marketing  decision  process  of Brand Owners. As company faces the 3 major challenges today, i.e. Fragmented Consumers, Fickle Loyalty and the need to deploy their campaign strategy fast and effectively; the need to harness Behavioural elements of customers become more pressing. 

1.Focus Resources on those that matters.

Non Active Users are customers that have a low propensity to the product / service in terms of its features and qualities and focuses more on functionality of needs. Better to focus resources on Active Users.

2.Formulating the right message to the right crowd.

“The two words ‘information’ and ‘communication’ are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through.” Sydney J. Harris / Journalist. Keen words by no less a wordsmith; the importance of getting your messaging to rise above the noise, be it online or offline, remains true today.

3.Reonance beyond just one Archetype.

No one person is the same, yet no one person is truly unique. Targeting customers in one Archetype is not just about focusing your message along just one theme alone. It allows Brand Owners to map other Archetypes to their selected Persona. Enhancing the effective reach of your communication plans and ensure that it reaches the right customers. Dattel’s social media solutioning, allows our platform to map the datasets against major platforms such as Facebook Audience at click of a button.

4.Figuring out competition through the eyes of Archetypes.

Identify what works and what does not by understanding how each Archetype view other competing brands or the brand that you aspire to be. Access this knowledge by diving into our C.I. Diagnostic; you can evaluate each persona’s Advocacy Index or via 5A Customer Journey. Our case study on DoveTM indicates more can be done by its Brand Owners; nonetheless at the Act stage, Male customers are to be addressed differently from Female customers.

Key takeaway: Behavioural Archetypes go beyond grouping like-habits customers; it allows Brand Owners to identify the spectrum of uniqueness and similarities that exists between customers and effectively act on it. The modelling and algorithm built into the Voyager platform coupled with the solutioning tool to easily connect to major platforms such as FB Audience allows the utilisation of Behavioural Archetypes beyond the two-dimensional reporting.