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A data-driven industry support group to understand the possible “new normal” behaviours of ASEAN consumers.

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Through CiC, you will be able to gain many benefits that will put you in a better position to ride the waves of COVID-19 recovery in a timely and appropriate manner.

ASEAN Consumer Intelligence

ASEAN Consumer Intelligence

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CiC Reports & Insights

CiC Reports & Insights

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Bi-weekly Webinars

Bi-weekly Webinars

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Research Collaboration

Research Collaboration

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Impact of Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

The abrupt shift in consumers’ behaviour due to COVID-19 outbreak has had a strong influence on the global economy that was already on a downward trend, leaving many consumer-facing businesses uncertain about how, or even if, they should respond to the changes. In the ASEAN region – home to some of the most sought-after emerging markets and highly dependent on global tourism, as well as domestic consumption – businesses are affected severely. In fact, GDP growth forecasts for Malaysia have been slashed by more than 2%, with further cuts expected; Bank of Thailand forecasted a contraction by 5.3%; Indonesia’s outlook has been revised down as well.

With so many shifts happening at an unprecedented rate, businesses simply do not have the necessary data that is up-to-date and comprehensive enough for them to pivot their business or marketing strategy. Moreover, the critical implementation of enforced quarantines has diminished the possibilities of companies conducting market research to collect the latest data on consumer behaviour & trends. To address this, Dattel has launched COVID-19 Insights Circle (CiC). This support group brings together like-minded industry players to discuss ideas collectively for fresh perspectives on how to react to the recent pandemic as we look through the data and insights together.

A Data-driven Industry Support Group

CiC is an initiative by Dattel for businesses to get support and insights during these uncertain times. As a Consumer Intelligence company, we take pride in not just presenting data but also nurturing actionable insights. We want to able to empower you with the necessary knowledge on consumer behaviours and confidence in making the best decision forward due to the impact of COVID-19 and economic slowdown. Collectively, we can look into sharing and discussing:

  • Relationship with different product categories.
  • Changes in pre, during, and post-pandemic.
  • Emerging or disappearing trends, i.e. the “new normal”.
  • Consumer psyche and effects on their well-being.

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