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Make intelligent business decisions with Dattel

Understand consumers holistically

We collect longitudinal data from vetted respondents and through omnichannel data capture so that you can have a more complete and trustworthy understanding of your consumer upon which to build your strategy

Get actionable insights

Easily explore and visualise rich data on our platform to identify new angles to market to your consumers and spot new opportunities in their consumption behaviours you can capitalise on

Find untapped segments

Compare data captured from different channels and verticals to discover previously unidentified potential customers from parallel industries and markets

How Dattel suits you

See the different ways Dattel gives you the visibility and data you need to spot trends, grow your business and innovate your product.

Business Owners & C-Suites

Business Owners & C-Suites

Gain insights and build high-level business strategies for sustainable profit, growth and expansion.

Consumer Insight & Market Researchers

Consumer Insight & Market Researchers

Conduct research with rich ASEAN data to yield insights that drive data-informed strategies and product innovation.

Advertisers & Strategic Planners

Advertisers & Strategic Planners

Identify opportunities in the consumer’s day-to-day to create ads that are fresh and creative that drive brand engagement.

Marketers & Brand Managers

Marketers & Brand Managers

Define high level marketing strategies across the customer’s journey to create compelling value propositions, grow the brand and maximise ROI.

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Ready to explore our products?

We have 3 products that meet your specific business needs.

Access and analyse real and up to date consumers data

Dattel Voyager

Voyager has rich consumer data that is collected from verified ASEAN respondents almost twice as often as the industry standard. This means you have access to the most current and authentic consumer data available on demand. With our intuitive platform, investigate and visualise data to gain a new understanding of who your customers are, what they do and why they do.

  • Real and up-to-date ASEAN statistics and datasets
  • Longitudinal consumer data for better understanding of consumer behaviours and trends
  • Stackable data across 10 verticals, dimensions and typologies
  • Intuitive and interactive platform to explore and visualise data
Capture consumer data that matters to you

Dattel Sentinel

Get specific and trustworthy data you need for your campaign on our system with transparent real-time updates.

  • Monitor data capture in real-time from your project dashboard
  • Zero data falsification guarantee
  • Omnichannel data capture for rich insights
  • Fast turnaround with data delivered within 7 working days from commencement


Professional data analytics and insights support

Dattel Professional Data Support

Get dedicated support to optimise your Voyager subscription. In addition to helping you plan your research and produce custom data analysis and reports, we partner with likeminded businesses who want to innovate in their industries and will capture data to help you validate hypotheses for your proof-of-concept projects.

  • Optimised data subscription
  • Customised analysis and reports
  • Designed consumer research
  • Partnership and proof of concept collaboration
  • Industry networking and thought leadership events

Consumer Intelligence Resources

Gain actionable insights into consumer behaviours for your strategic and tactical decision making.

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