Traditional Approach

Industry-Driven Perspective

For ages, the research on consumer behaviours are based on top down approach and activated by business as a reaction to trends and problems faced in the market.

Dattel Approach

Consumer-Driven Perspective

We believe that bottom-up approach and focused on consumer journey is an exploratory and proactive research in understanding consumers holistically.

Dattel Solution

Advanced Data Matrix

Using strong foundation of data science, we consolidate various dimensions and typologies of consumer data across multiple verticals in a sophisticated data warehouse.

Dattel Technology

Omnichannel Data Capture

We have developed an integrated infrastructure that can capture both cognitive & non-cognitive consumer data continuously at any granularity or intervals from a singular source of real and verified respondents.

Dattel Value

Holistic Consumer

Each dataset in our advanced data matrix is a culmination of several datapoints harvested through these omnichannel technologies that revolves around consumers’ daily life for holistic view.

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