Our Mission

Redefine and Reinnovate Consumer Research

We strive to transform Customer Intelligence by disrupting existing consumer research conventions. We believe in taking a data-driven and consumer-centric approach while maintaining data integrity. Through omnichannel data capture that meets our stringent quality control standards, we provide an accurate, holistic and trustworthy understanding of consumers that businesses can use to build meaningful relationships with their customers.

Our Advantage

Expert in ASEAN

ASEAN holds huge business potential as the fastest growing region in the world. However, due to its diversity, market fragmentation and fast-paced urbanisation and industrialisation, it is a difficult region to thrive in. Dattel was therefore established in 2014 to provide the tools and Consumer Intelligence that allows companies to research and analyse reliable ASEAN at an unprecedented level of depth, agility and granularity. This empowers business with a holistic and nuanced understanding of ASEAN customers that allows them to add value to new and existing their customers.

Our Journey



Started operations in Malaysia

Developed in-house data capture and quality assurance platform


Expanded to Thailand


Expanded to Indonesia


Successfully engaged a total of 600,000 respondents in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand


Started the next phase of Consumer Intelligence by developing products Voyager, Sentinel and Pathfinder

Filed patent in MyIPO for AI technology in Quality Assurance


Released products Voyager beta to acquire feedback and refine offerings


Official launch of Consumer Intelligence flagship product, Voyager

Dattel’s Leadership

The leadership team has an powerful blend of expertise and experience across the Consumer Intelligence, technology and entrepreneurship communities.

Azmir Rahman

Azmir Rahman Founder

The founder of Dattel with over a decade of experience in the consumer data industry. Having advised MNCs and governments, Azmir is passionate enacting social impact by democratising data to benefit communities and organisations.

Ashran Dato’ Ghazi

Ashran Dato’ Ghazi Chief Executive Officer

With roles in government as the CEO of Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) in May 2016 to co-founder of Joota and to Chairman of myNEF, myHarapan, Ashran is a well-known figure in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem across ASEAN.

Choong Chin Yee

Choong Chin Yee Chief Operating Officer

Chin Yee is a founding partner. With over 20 years of experience in consumer research field operations, he strategises Dattel’s regional presence and operations.

Dattel’s Approach

The Dattel Approach means that we take a bottom up and holistic view of the consumer.

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Bottom Up

Bottom Up

Instead of an industry-led approach, we are consumer first and aim to understand consumers and their journeys holistically.

Omnichannel Data Capture

Omnichannel Data Capture

We use a variety of data capture technologies beyond surveys including the Dattel app, wearables, in-home sensors and much more to get multi-dimensional longitudinal data on ASEAN consumers.

Data Science

Data Science

Not only is our data rich and multifaceted but designed to be able to be cross-tabulated across multiple typologies, dimensions and verticals for ultimate flexibility and agility when massaging data.

Human Resource

We’re Hiring!