Behavioural Data

The modern way of understanding consumers

Traditional market research tends to give you a quick snapshot of your consumers but not the full picture. Surveys collect like who your consumers are and what they do at a specific time, but these narrow results lack context and . Without the latter, it’s hard to know why consumers do what they do.

Sentinel’s approach of omnichannel data capture means that you are collecting reliable longitudinal data quickly, at competitive prices, and from more angles to give you insight into your consumers’ decision making. Equipped with this data, you can leverage and influence your target markets.

Robust & Agile

Data you need,
just how you like it

Get the type and amount of data you need at the speed, depth and breadth you require.

  • Ready Panel

    You can obtain different types of data with the right granularity and frequency at any time from our vetted panel.

  • Omnichannel Data Gathering

    Data on each consumer is continuously gathered using a variety of methodologies and channels including the Sentinel app, GPS, wearables, in-home sensors and more to give you a richer understanding of your consumer.

Learn more: Ready Panel, Omnichannel Data Capture


Trustworthy data

Our methodology ensures you get high-quality data you can trust or your money back.

  • Verified Respondents

    Our carefully curated panelists are vetted so they provide true data that represents ASEAN markets

  • Transparency

    Have full visibility on your data capture progress and Quality Assurance processes in real time, right from your dashboard

  • Rigorous Quality Assurance

    Our QA processes involves state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to guarantee zero falsification or your money back with a 2 for 1 replacement

Learn more: Verified Respondents, AI & ML assisted Quality Assurance


Research made easy
and affordable

Painlessly put together research that’s quick and gentle on the wallet.

  • Easy

    It could not be simpler to design research that asks the questions you need

  • Fast

    From commencement to delivery, get speedy responses from our respondents within 14 days

  • Affordable

    We offer best-in-market pricing for the best quality

Learn more: Ready Panel, Omnichannel Data Capture

Dattel’s innovation in data acquisition has indeed showcase a new frontier in data science industry.

Johnson Tan
Managing Director

Powering data-driven strategies

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