Voyager Feature Updates: Segmentation by consumer values and improved ad targeting algorithm

At Dattel, we are always working hard to make your Voyager experience more satisfying.

The beginning of 2022, we released a few updates on Voyager. Here is what we have done.

Identity x Values Persona Analytics

There are now four sets of Persona Analytics controls to enhance your customer segmentation experience with Voyager. The Identity x Values controls allow users to profile consumers who align strongly with any particular value. For users in any business that focuses on aspirations and consumer self-perception, such as education and talent recruitment, this dashboard can help identify the segment more effectively.

With this addition, we have enhanced our Persona Analytics segmentation to cover multiple perspectives of the consumer: from who they are (Identity) and what they do (Product and Behaviour) to how they wish to be seen (Values). 

More Personalised Ad Targeting Algorithm

Another important update is to our Facebook and TikTok ad set criteria algorithm. Previously, ad sets that you generated from a single Persona would share the same set of criteria. After this update, each ad set now has its criteria list, which enables more personalised targeting than before.

To try out this new algorithm, please export the Persona to Facebook or TikTok again. Don’t worry, and this will not change or replace any ad sets you had previously generated before this update!

At Dattel, we are always working hard to make your Voyager experience more satisfying. We hope you try out our latest features and continue to love using Voyager!

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