Disrupting The Consumer Data Landscape

Our goal at Dattel is to completely understand the consumers in South East Asia.

We live in one of the fastest-growing regions in the world, it is the 3rd largest continuous market globally and is growing at a break-neck pace. Consumption appetites here are growing most rapid, as Asians continue to grow, prosper and spend; businesses will be attracted evermore to sell their products and services in the region.

This marks the birth of Dattel. Our aim is to completely understand and decipher what drives consumers across the region, their behaviours, attitudes and underlying feelings.

We believe that consumer data coupled with intelligent technology will uncover the secrets of consumer lives. This will help businesses to create unparalleled strategies to cater to the right demand of the region.

Integrating Past, Present And The Future Of Consumer Data

Strong data spine and the long term future of Consumer Intelligence

Our goal is to capture and integrate all the different data types from surface level open data all the way to dark data.

Data can be collected and mined from different sources and in various structures and forms. In a world, where data is oozing out from the click of a button to the scrolling of a page. Quality, contextual and informative data can be hard to find in such a big heap.

Our strengths lies in continuously developing and improving the primary data spine that we collect from our panelists using other sources of data to complement it.

Our integration model allows us to seamlessly integrate data from a variety of sources and put it together in a way that enables our client to understand and mold it the way they want.

This also allows us to continuously innovate and research for different data capture channels and sources so that we are able to understand consumers in breadth as well as depth.

“What” The Consumers Are Doing

In order for us to truly understand what fundamentally drives consumers. We have to understand “what” consumers are doing in their daily lives.

We get to know this by learning about their attitudes, consumption patterns and products and services that they use. This gives us a good vision of the surface and the scope of things, which leads us to a deeper journey.

“Why” Are Consumers Doing It

While most data companies are only focused to understand what consumers are doing, so that they can sell ad spaces for monetisation, our mission is to go deep.

The data that we collect from our panellist and other data sources provides us with a strong foundation to know what are the reasons and rationale behind their behaviours.

We want not only to understand the patterns, but human irrationality, behavioural impacts and how do consumers truly feels about their decisions, choices and consumption among other things.

This seamless and contextual synthesis of “what” and “why” will empower us to unlock the hidden truth of consumers.

Artificial Intelligence

The deployment of our in-house developed machine learning system allows us to check 100% of the data that is collected along with all referencing data.

This complete quality checking system allows us to reach unprecedented levels of data cleansing and prove our commitment with transparency.

Machine Learning

We pride ourselves on achieving unrivalled quality benchmarks. Our in-house developed Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems ensure that we can do quality checking and cleaning on 100% of the data collected.