Behavioural Data

Bridging the need and skill for data

Businesses have started to grasp the significance of data-driven approach to be at the forefront of their industries in today’s consumer landscape that’s highly competitive. However, there is the existence of gap in deciphering the subscribed data into meaningful actionable insights which results in loss of opportunities and shortfalls.

Realising this, Dattel extends its Consumer Intelligence talents to offer professional data analytics and insights support. Our experts have crafted and recognised the art of making sound and correct interpretation of collected data from omni-channel methods. With this, you will not be second-guessing your business judgments to any further extent.


Optimised data subscription

  • Achieve a goal while considering constraints and variables
  • Full utilisation of Voyager subscription to maximise ROI
  • Decipher how verticals are affected by one another

Customised analysis and reports

  • Get a holistic understanding of consumers by creating possible customer personas
  • Ensure the corrects insights for the right actions
  • Make informed decisions based on analysis done

Designed consumer research

  • Consultation hours with expert researchers
  • Alternative methods and approaches in consumer behaviour comprehension
  • Identify and validate pathways to impact for your research
  • Support the identification application of the resource needed to develop collaboration and impact activity

Partnership and proof-of-concept collaboration

  • Cross-referral assistance with industry experts to confirm validity
  • Support the development of collaborations with internal and external partners for mutual benefit
  • Technical feasibility studies and evaluation of an invention
  • Prototype design and development

Industry networking and thought leadership events

  • Get on the ground to know the current happenings in the industry
  • Evidence and communicate the impact your research makes to stakeholders

Powering data-driven strategies

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