What Types of Media Platforms Did Urban Southeast Asians Use in the Past One Month?

Malaysian consumers are more likely to rely on a variety of media for content, as compared to their Indonesian and Thai counterparts.

By a very large margin, the majority of the urban population in all three countries still watch television at least once a week.

However, video streaming has grown in popularity over the years; it is the second most commonly consumed medium in Indonesia and Thailand, and ties with radio in Malaysia.

Video streaming has grown in popularity over the years

Most Indonesians do not get their news from physical newspapers or official online sources. In fact, newspapers are not in the top four media types preferred by Indonesians, as the charts show.

Cluster of media used in three countries

The heavy reliance by Malaysian consumers on a variety of media produces a greater number of small yet distinct groups of media consumption behaviour, compared to Indonesia and Thailand.

Hence the largest consumer cluster in the country is only made up of approximately 10% of the urban population.

The variety of media platforms in three countries

This cluster of Malaysians consumes a variety of media platforms whereas the largest consumer clusters in Indonesia and Thailand only watch television.

These findings on shopping behaviours are an excerpt of Dattel’s report to uncover ‘hidden truths’ about ASEAN consumers. If you are interested to know more about ASEAN consumers, click here to request a digital copy of the report.

Reference: World Bank population data as of 2017.